Weather-tight flashing system

Our flashings are precision made to fit the specific window size accurately. They are designed to drain water safely and effectively and they come in different versions to match the specific roofing material.

Extra insulation and protection
BDX 2000

Optimize your new roof window and get an even more energy efficient and durable installation. The BDX kit includes an insulation frame B1 for extra insulation between the window frame and the roof and a pleated underfelt collar B3, which ensures a tight seal between the window and the roofing felt. A drainage gutter B2 leads water that may penetrate the roofing material away from the window.

Excellent interior finish
LSG 1000 New!

Use our new lining frame kit to optimize your interior lining. The ready-to-assemble steel frame C1 forms a perfect structure for shaping your own lining. The design also makes it possible to add extra insulation material. Includes BBX vapour barrier C2, which is 100% vapour-tight and prevents condensation.