Bringing more health into your home

The benefits of daylight and fresh air

Everyone knows that daylight and fresh air are good for the body – but how, and what can we do to get more of these health boosters in our homes? See below.

Why it’s important to get your daily daylight

  • People need daylight to help control the most basic metabolic processes, just as they need food and water 
  • Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant 
  • Adequate daylight is associated with improved mood, less obesity, less fatigue and eyestrain, more restful sleep and more immunity to diseases and infections
  • Better daylight conditions increase learning and concentration by up to 15% 
  • People prefer daylight to artificial light for comfort and well-being 
  • Daylight reflects millions of colours and ensures a brighter, more inviting home

Good work lighting

Work areas should have plenty of light so they’re nice to work in. The kitchen should have ample light on the counters and stove. It’s also nice to be able to look outside when standing at the sink for example. The office desk is also a great place to have a view; in this case the light from the window should preferably come in from the side in order to prevent direct glare on computer screens.



Kitchen counters near a window offer the best work lighting. In kitchens with an island, work lighting can be optimised with a roof window.



The optimal location for work areas is directly near windows with the light coming in from the side. If a workplace is located in the middle of the room, natural light can be optimised with a roof window.

Download the Natural Light e-guide to learn more about daylight in your home:

Fresh air tips and tricks